BMC tokens

What is BMC token?

BMC token is the token of Blackmoon Crypto Platform. Holders of BMC tokens will be able to register as Continuous Contributors to the Platform and receive a share of all Funds’ tokens that operate on the Platform. Also, Continuous Contributors will have the right to participate in “members-only” discussions regarding the Platform strategy and development plan.
Those Contributors who want to be qualified as Investment Managers and manage funds on the Platform are required to own a specified number of BMCs.

What are proceeds to BMC holders?

BMCs holders registered as Continuous Contributors to the Platform will receive a share of all Funds’ tokens that operate on the Platform in exchange for execution of their roles. The sources of the proceeds are Structuring and promotion fee from the new funds created on the platform, Maintenance fee and Transaction fee from the existing funds.

Who are Continuous Contributors?

Continuous contributors are the BMC holders, who perform specific roles related to the continuous platform development. One of the main roles that will be available is that of an Investment Advisor who manages tokenized investment funds created on the platform. Other roles will include platform promoters, investment analysts, legal advisors, public auditors, GR advisors. A full list of roles will be publicly available and updated as needed to reflect the current needs of the platform’s development. We plan to introduce more than ten different roles to provide both common and professional holders with the means to participate in the Platform’s development.

How can I register as a Continuous Contributor?

To register as a Continuous Contributor the holder of BMC tokens can choose the role that she/he is willing to execute as a contributor to the Platform and deposit BMC to the depository wallet. The registration will be available on the website before the first fund is started.

Is the number of BMC tokens fixed?

Yes. The number of BMCs will be fixed and the end of the Distribution period. It will be calculated as an amount of sold BMCs during the distribution multiplied by 2. Half of the total volume will be allocated to the public contributors. No additional creation is available.

Crowdsale results

When the ICO was held?

It started on September 12, 2017 and lasted for about 20 hours.

How much it was raised and what was the ICO price?

Blackmoon Crypto reached the hard cap of $30 million. The price of 1 BMC was $1.

Were there any bonuses or discounts for ICO participants?

The total amount of promos is 3% of the total tokens supply.


On what exchanges BMC is currently traded?

HitBTC, Liqui, TIDEX and EtherDelta.

Does BMC have plans for other exchanges in the near future?

We are be doing our best to increase our market presence, including exchanges.

Are there any reviews on the historical trading results?

Yes, we publish updates every business day here:


Are BMC tokens securities?

Based on legal advice and opinions we gathered during the preparation process, BMC tokens would not be deemed as securities by SEC based on the famous Howey test. We pay a lot of attention to that matter and are in continuous communications with US attorneys while formalizing our position.

Are Fund tokens securities?

Funds' tokens are going to be securities. And we are going to comply with all necessary regulation regarding that fact.

Why do you exclude citizens of Singapore and China?

Singapore is excluded for the tax reasons. China citizens are excluded due to China’s central bank regulation.

Will you distribute Fund tokens in the USA?

During 2018, funds on the platform should be able to distribute tokens to US citizens via brokerage firms and exclusively to authorized investors. We intend to apply for our own broker-dealer license in the US and to receive it in 2019.


What is the timeline for the funds creation?

Blackmoon will continuously set up investment funds on the Blackmoon Crypto Platform to serve as a proof of concept. To leverage the existing expertise of Blackmoon Financial Group, the first fund will be a high-yield fixed income fund in alternative lending. We are going to launch it not later than in the first quarter of 2018.
The next fund in the roadmap will be oriented toward a low-risk fixed income to provide more diversification and protection for investors seeking safe-havens. The second fund shall be launched within 3 months after the first one.
The third fund will be oriented toward ICO and cryptocurrency investments to serve the needs of those investors who want to have exposure to the broader crypto-currency market. Please, refer to the timeline in the whitepaper.
Taking into account current level of interest from investment managers, we probably will have more funds on the platform sooner than we forecasted in the White Paper.

What are the advantages of the tokenized funds?

Tokenization of interests in funds (share in profits, assets or other entities specified in the fund’s memorandum) provides auditability and transparency to the investment process as well as to the results. Tokenized funds are more cost-efficient thanks to lower infrastructure and setup costs and this economy is transmitted to investors in the form of higher net return. On top of that, fund tokens give access to a worldwide liquidity and are immediately tradable.

Can external asset managers become investment advisors?

Yes, Blackmoon Crypto Platform welcomes external investment advisors. Blackmoon Crypto will offer the Fund Issuer Administrative Tool designed for investment advisors and asset managers. This tool is the comprehensive fund management system that acts as a one-stop solution. It covers main aspects of running the tokenized investment vehicle and provides the investment advisor or asset manager with access to the Blackmoon Crypto Platform IT and legal infrastructure. This product will allow investment advisors and asset managers to focus on the investment management for the benefits of the token holders while Blackmoon takes care of all the rest.